It's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do. WDE!!!

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this pic gets me every time!!

I cant get away from this shit! This is in my office at Northeast. WTF? cant even open the file cabinet

would this annoy you? Like Im gonna wait 6 months then decide to freakin open it. Douche bag

its been a Bugles week man

just a tad chilly this morn..good thing we goin south for the weekend

I got screwed by cause I had the best #GameDaySigns. Agree??

this is my NASA workshop project

trapped it but it wont come out!! Its clinging to the door for life!!

look what was waiting on the porch for me

may not be exactly what you were looking for but its worth a good laugh! #WDE

Im practicing uploading my pics so dont ask any questions lol

thats what Ive done all day (and Lil Cam) idk whats worse the sickness or the meds

She held my hand when she grabbed my money. And she turned my cup upside down and handed it to me. Wtf?

i hope this makes you jealous..just for rubbing it in I know it wont be good