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A Cynical Gujju.Universe bender.Obsessive Kurt Cobain Fan.Multiple cat owner.Psy-fi lover.Lazy blogger.Dream adventurer.

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The stupidity here is stupider than the stupidest thing ever.

Who ate all the nutella? Bwahahahahaha :-P

Bwahahahahahahahahaha. PAWNED!


This is how a timeline looks during a #ChampionsLeague final

Why being a non- vegetarian is Soooo much better. :-P

didnt tag you in the previous tweet. Here is the picture.:-)

Facebook Bwahahahahahahahahaha. So awkward! # mynewsfeed

The beautiful sands of Daman.

Mocha in Pune.

This is my school, St. Joseph's, Panchgani

That's me pwetty lady Check the picture. She is beautiful!

My kitten! Sucha a darling she is.:-)

How sexy does this coffee look! Its not Instagram. Hah! w/

Now, you can sleep during class... THIS IS HILARIOUS..!!?

And in comparison to my last twitpic,here is the same frame but edited on Instagram..The winner Ian obvious. #Camera360

Here is my Camera 360 edited picture. It is bloody brilliant. #preferoverInstagram

In other good news, here is my lil baby brother born on the 27th. He will be a teenager when I'm getting old n weary.

This is the best illusion ever made! OMFG!!

Hritik Roshan's younger kid is gonna turn out to be the hottest man alive when older. Such a cute kid!

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