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All that modern science has been able to tell us about Clare Taylor is that she is a suspiciously deep-voiced woman.

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Is anyone else well pranged out by this faceb ice cream van???

I wouldn't look at this if you're squeamish over blood or needles #giveblood

Love that my mam, to say well done, buys me a hot pink satchel

Look at how young/adorable/fucked me + used to be. I LOVE YOU GRRRL X

Why is this copper is carrying s'thing w a more than passing resemblance to a pickaxe???

Enthusiastic bench carving in Franco Manca proclaiming "I love Nelly" #justperfect

Me looking totally smart/casual in my princess skirt

I also got these #purelust

I got this skirt today and I'm 99% sure it makes me look like a knob/princess

This was as close to the stage as a £12 ticket would take me #curiousincident

Having a picnic w/ my students. So excited to spend the next year doing this!!! #queenoffun

Look at my hideous bruise from unsuccessful donation ydayy #weep

Ran into Bespoke Life Drawing on the bus + got a free session! Proportion is hard on moving vehicles

Are you ready for this jelly, ldn? #gratuitousarsephoto

Gonna have to go for the wonky mirror selfie because I'm loving my look tonight #vanity

Tatty name necklace #2 - Mariko (I quite like this one and am considering pretending to be Mariko)

Tatty name necklace #1 - Anju

Feeling the leg love today in my pyjama trousers and q-t #ftroupe wedges