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#wtopshuttle L'Enfant Plaza

#wtopshuttle L'Enfant Plaza

If I catch ANY of you with this, after I slap it out of your hand, I will mock you mercilessly. #badtechideas

Our morning ritual. #moose

Our morning ritual. #moose

This is what I get for calling UMDs uniforms, "costumes". #mustsee #UMD

Hoe are you going to eat YOUR dinner and then come after mine?

Running from the storm.

Bruno says "you are MEAN mommy!"

Bruno says "you are MEAN mommy!"

Thumbhole shirts: best workout/ loungewear ever.

This is how I roll... Erm, cook.

This is what a well used leg brace looks like...

Sharpies & boredom & lunch food

Cleaning out the doodad drawer makes it clear I should never want for any pens, knives, scissors or lip balm.

Tee-Hee. It says "monkey butt"

To everyone who encouraged me to buy the shoes I didn't think I needed: thank you! #viaspiga

ZOMG best breakfast potatoes ever!!

The unbearable cuteness of being

No one really wants to get out of bed this morning...

Tempy's lips: this has never happened and occurred over five days. #depigmentation

The resort, pre-sunset