Dub Daniels


i dont have a drinking problem. i drink. get drunk. pass out. NO PROBLEM!

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man fuck that. Someone told me to change mine shit Ain't eem been up a month. Fuck that!!


I'm not doing this shit with Brian mcknights woman beating ass. Nope. Not this early.

I def hate being ignored via text.....however at this hour apparently #nobodycares

they gonna say this about us

I feel more like this

color session on the 26th


man fuck this american honey. i shoulda just got jack daniels. fuck was i thinking trying to be different.


I mean no tea no shade. If ur is normally ripped and he let himself go every winter ud be like...

does any spot on the sectional recline tho

that's funny bro


It's not "at a LOST for words"
It IS "at a LOSS for words"
Fuck do y'all be thinking.

: Tweet me if u want some pussy I'm waiting I want all the boys to tweet me I give them whatever they want”