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Madonna came in black, and performed in white

Madonna and her cane


Macklemore + Bolo

Uh...kinda, yeah RT Why is Brett Favre singing

Stevie Wonder feeling it with Daft Punk in the background

Pharrell apparently inherited Andre The Giant's hat collection

Julia Roberts presents Paul & Ringo

I feel like I just ingested 3 tabs of acid and this is what I see

Jared Leto, Marc Anthony, Steven Tyler

Tony - Ozzy - Geezer AKA Black Sabbath

Miguel and Ariana Grande

James Hetfield & Robert Trujillo from Metallica

You may hate Blurred Lines, does not

What the hell am I watching?

What the hell am I watching?

Seriously Pharrell, FOH

Daft Punk

Jay and Bey, back to back - King and Queen