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. Brown seems to be popular with Panama fans, one of whom is pretty amazing

Your Minnesota #Vikings fan nightmare fuel for tonight

Xavier Paul of the #Cardinals has what looks like a doorknob on the end of his bat

Held out for the preseason, RB looks on as the #Vikings trail the #Chargers at the Dome

Adrian Beltre of the #Rangers salutes the crowd after hitting for the cycle against the #MNTwins

Norv Turner - Stop! In the name of love... #Chargers ()

Capped this #Vikings fan last week, but this time you get the full effect of the outfit

Nice shot of the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles

Kyrie Irving's shirt is better than all your shirts, judging the Elite 24 dunk contest

Great night shot of the Ballpark at Arlington from

Hey - I think you guys need to find a stool when he works with Tim Laudner

#Titans fans are something else, love the tuxedo spandex suit to go with the muttonchops, and the fire wig

Ok ESPN - What. In. The. Hell. Is. This.

The eyeblack is a little redundant with the enormous blue afro wig, but I love it anyway #Titans

Fantastic mohawk in Tennessee, but every #Titans fan is this picture is wondering why they are still there

You can always tell which direction is north on Keyunta Dawson's helmet...or he's smuggling something #Titans

Larry Fitzgerald is currently on the phone with his agent "What? What you mean there's no out clause?!?!?!?!"

I've decided to go ahead and post the pic of #Titans Marc Mariani checking his leg, you click at your own risk

The #Titans are definitely doing some hazing...nice haircut, rook (h/t )

#TopGear's drives a tiny Peel Trident car into a coffee shop, grocery store and his Mom's kitchen