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The paint fades, the struggle remains #StruggleFace #Cocks

South Carolina #StruggleFace couple #Cocks

The #LSU Tiger has gone Saturday Night Fever on us in a white suit

So why is live on my TV right now? #Cocks

These South Carolina pants also inexplicably have a curved white stripe on the back of the leg

ESPN's overhead of the #LSU athletic complex with the stadium lit up

Doug Fister is really bucking for a #Nike sponsorship - two logos on his neck

ICYMI> #BYU wore flat black helmets with a terrible quality tape stripe & shiny, 3D "Y" logo

Since asked, the South Carolina baseball jersey I have #Cocks

Yup, TBS just spelled Willie Mays "Willie Mayes"

South Carolina's uniforms are a hodge podge of ugly. Digital camo pants, grey jerseys, white helmets #Cocks

Texas Tech fans storm the field en masse after blowing out #5 West Virginia #TTU #WVU

The Golden Dome at Notre Dame from the stadium

#BoiseSt Elvii

The official t-shirt of the Internet?

.'s avatar on the last day of his bet is perfect - it's as Rovell as Rovell can get

Wolf Blitzer looks pretty freakin stiff, he's with his wife at the #Nats game

And the #Reds edition of Gone Hunting on TBS

I gotta laugh, TBS does "Gone Hunting" for baseball, #As edition has MC Hammer in it

So isn't kidding - One of Prince Fielder's kids DOES look an awful like Miguel Cabrera