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How can you give someone Tim Tebow's number??? Even if his name is almost Purify #Gator

I see you doing that Subway commercial

PSA - That sweet high top fade gets a little ratchet when it's been under a helmet for a while

I like #Northwestern's overall blackout look up close, but undershirt stripe doesn't match uni stripe

Michigan State is going Oregon on us, wearing mirrored green helmets with a chrome logo #Spartans

The #Buckeyes fanny pack sort of ends up in an awkward spot

C'mon son, how you gonna go wearing an Ohio State hat and a University of Kentucky jacket?

Brian Griese is inadvertently telestrating his broadcast booth, producer looks like Will Ferrell

A look at Oklahoma State's retro helmets, they look great. Logo is also on the hip of the pants #OSU

There's some on my NBATV doing WNBA analysis tonight,

Portland's Free Throw Guy has Curry on his shirt today, pointing at a Carl Landry miss

That's some really awkward hand placement in this #UCONN #Syracuse pic

The highlight of the #Lynx #Fever game for me was Indiana's inactive players, Katie Douglas and Jeanette Pohlen

#Cards bro has the cowboy hat, and (fake?) champiomship ring

#Giants Hunter Pence just might be nuts #PENCEFACE

ICYMI> #SunDevil fan is jacked, has two face skull mask - check the people behind him

This Oregon #Ducks fan couple is outstanding, the Grateful Dead fan of Ducks Nation

I will give these two #SunDevils cheerleaders credit for remaining perky late in a blowout

#Ducks mascot chills in a lounge chair with cardboard Justin Bieber, background male cheerleader again

The Oregon #Ducks male cheerleaders are a little, uh, intense