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Andy Murray in disbelief after finally breaking through at the #USOpen

#Ravens - Ray Lewis is not above grabbing your nuts to force a fumble #Shocker

Pleased to see Sean Connery back on my TV, with a blanket to ward off the chill

Sad #Bengals fans look even sadder in those wigs

#Ravens helmet sticker for Art Modell

Tennis blast from the past - Monica Seles was just on NBC #USOpen

Equal time - Andy Murray's girlfriend, Kim Sears #USOpen

The comically oversized mic now has a wind muff on it, making it that much larger #USOpen

Oh, and the comically oversized mic the chair judge has is great #USOpen

If Djokovic cannot come back to win this match, he will be consoled by this woman #USOpen

Kevin Spacey reacts to being called Keyser Soze on the #USopen broadcast

Seeing Sean Connery in oversized sunglasses means a little of me died inside #USOpen

Highly visible fan sign, Broncos fan loves Manning now

US Olympic gold medal winning swimmer Missy Franklin serves as an Honorary Captain for the #Broncos

Lenny licks toad on The Simpsons...look familiar ?

Before we go off on Braylon Edwards, he was being held/interfered with by Randall Gay

#Packers Jordy Nelson tantalizingly close to catching that ball, had his hands on it

#Seahawks Doug Balwin didn't catch the ball, but in rolling over it he stuck it nose down in the ground

Seriously - this throw from Kevin Kolb was absolutely perfect

Aaron Rodgers #StruggleFace