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Ricky Rubio is staring into your soul...

This guy in Chicago just indirectly got his kid on NBA TV by using Facetime on his iPhone, never seen this

This guy is the BBQ Pitmasters version of

Classic Julia Roberts smile #GoldenGlobes

For , George Clooney on stage #GoldenGlobes

I love redheads, and Jessica Chastain just won a #GoldenGlobe for sideboob I think

Bill Murray looks like a grumpy Scottish caddy #GoldenGlobes

It's pretty much impossible for Halle Berry NOT to look good #GoldenGlobes

Looks like he sees it coming RT : Mel Gibson is about to be struck by a truck.

Hasn't Jodie Foster dealt with enough nutballs? Anyway, here she is with Mel Gibson #GoldenGlobes

I want Robert Downey Jr's striped velvet jacket #GoldenGlobes

Okay, Amy Poehler sitting on George Clooney's lap is pretty damn funny #GoldenGlobes

This is Lea Michelle at the #GoldenGlobes

Whoops, wrong cap. HERE's Marion Cotillard at the #GoldenGlobes for and friends

Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was awesome in 1988 #GoldenGlobes

#Knicks owner James Dolan got himself a seat at the cool kids table #GoldenGlobes

Lucy Lui and Debra Messing are in a dress-off, Lucy appears to have stolen all my neighbor's drapes #GoldenGlobes

Yes indeed #GoldenGlobes RT : Ferrell and Wiig!!!

Why is Tina Fey dressed as Johnny Depp? #GoldenGlobes

All I can think of is this http://youtu.be/JSpSkWPBx6M when I see Bill Clinton is on stage #GoldenGlobes