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An avid gardener, I enjoy rural-living, gardening, family, golf, billiards, technology, dogs, and writing, and I write about all of them.

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First this year! About 1/10 of the tomato seeds I started on the weekend have sprouted. #gardenchat #seedchat

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Who had pie? We had pecan, cherry/blueberry, white chocolate cheese, apple, and pumpkin! #gardenchat

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Look who has been lounging in my dad's yard for the past few hours. So adorable. (Their mom is here too.)

  • 547 days ago via site
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May have been the most gorgeous roses I've ever seen of any color. A huge, ancient bush along the street.

  • 621 days ago via site
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Back porch with 3/5 of the side rails installed. And beer.

  • 634 days ago via site
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At the end of the day yesterday, the new porch was useable, but it needed hand rails. Started on those today...

  • 635 days ago via site
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Nearly finished porch will make the entrance into my dad's house way safer than it was for the past 52 years.

  • 637 days ago via site
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Remember last week's obligatory crocus photo? Same crocuses a week later! #gardenchat #gardening

  • 681 days ago via site
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The annual crocus photo... cuz I hate being the only one NOT to post one! #gardenchat

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Cooking a Velveeta and home-canned chili sauce omelette in Mom's kitchen more or less the way Mom used to.

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In broad daylight, deer graze in a yard within the City of Ithaca. 6 deer often snack on my dad's yew hedge.

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First pineapple prepped; 9 to go. First took a while cuz it was hard to choose a movie to watch while I'm working.

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Workspace cleared & prepped. Canning 10 pineapples. Way tastier than commercially-canned! #foodie #gardenchat

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Scored 10 pineapples for $1 apiece at Wengers. I gots me some canning to do!

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17 pound neck pumpkin (very similar to butternut squash) I harvested yesterday. Lots of pumpkin pies! #gardenchat

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Nutmeg takes charge of the front yard from her post on the sofa in front of the picture window. #gardenchat

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Nearly 4 gals of heirloom tomatoes of various colors about to become sauce. Canned it this afternoon. #gardenchat

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Using nearly 4 gallons of white tomatoes, I'm about to make and can white tomato sauce. #gardenchat #canning

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Nutmeg spent time with a Yard Bird before it climbed into a shipping crate & headed to its new home. #gardenchat

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Sweet cherry & custard pie fresh from the oven. 2nd just went in. You're all invited for dessert! #gardenchat

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