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Kapag sad ako. Counter lang katapat ko :)) happy na ko.

A simple gift for my mom :)) woohhh... Neheheya akows -.-

Good evening :) nakauwi na din. Pagod much :)) ahaha pero masaya. #belat pa!

My lil cute super duper mega #bebecha

My very one sandwich :) lots of eggs and bacons :)) calories :))

I got my drumset baybehhh :) booyah ahahha :))

Hottie hot hot :)) wanna swim :) leet ksi e.m di ako kery :) sayangsss

Ako ay napaso :( takte maapEktuhan tuloy ang produksyon ko na headbnd :( #thepain #cou-tour

Its been awhile sincE I smilE like this. #happywith ☺♥♥

Hooray its nicolai's birthday :)) ♥♥

Good afternoon ;) look at my design bracelets. If your interested msg me :)

DeAd tired but who caares :)) ilovemy#lolaaandlolo! #happy fiestA #happy birthday laa,!

Mugtung - mugto :/

#firsttime #toasted #salty =#disaster

Midnight snAck ahead :)) yummy double dutch icecream :)

Yung pinkanta syo yung #survivor :3 jusko mAhAbAging langit :) #karaoke time

Want to get the movie titles and dates for in coming 2013 :) open my twit pic #partiallist :)

Good morning ! ☀☺

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