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If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. #occupy ALLTHETHINGS. Glutenfree. Vegan. Fat. Disabled. Outraged. Scientist. Star stuff. Yogini.

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What the fuck is the point of a low odor marker??

Study buddy http://twitpic.com/bercmh

Study buddy

my little lady is 9 and lost her arm to cancer in January. She's doing great now.

So PG&E's energy-use nastygram doesn't account for the fact that some of us are not daywalkers. Eff you.

#papajohns #dearjohn

I don't know my neighbors, but at least one cares about police brutality & racial profiling. Hat tip to you, good sir.

Best day ever.


I've been on a HUGE xgfx pot pie kick lately!! I love them! I use chia seeds instead of xgum & no starch.

Why aren't the emu balls activated, too? #activatedalmonds

Over 300 scientists & inspectors witnessed public health harms due to businesses withholding food safety info

Been reading.

. carved a pumpkin

The driver LIED to the main office about attempting direct delivery. Lazy UPS losers.

Epic birthday dinner for from : ZBQ + pineapple/shroom, tomato/eggplant/shroom, apple fresco salad.

I think this is a failblog app ad, but the ad itself is a magnificent fail. "we love making $$ cuz you love breeding!"

Ginger and might be long lost cousins. She totally needs a scarf ;)

So this is now: