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The after lunch coma. #babyratpix

interesting! I know someone who raises sugar gliders & keeps them in a pouchything. I have him in this:

He's sleeping in my hand. He's too cute to put down to make dinner!

Gotta go back to sleep for a couple hours. Only awake to feed Ben.

Because is awesome, he rescued an itty bitty baby pinky rat at work. Hope he makes it without a momma.

Pre-yoga with ...it's zen enough for me.

Maurice is home! In his garage. He had a can of chicken & pumpkin & hopefully finds a warm place to rest & recuperate.

my unlayered control pizza.

#fiscalcliff clif's notes:


oh cool! Look what I found last week!

We officially have a Hanukkah bush. I'm tempted to string popcorn to decorate it.


awwwww. My kitty is about 9 I think. She always knows when I don't feel good.

Perfect. #grumpycat

omg. These are like the tinned coconut macaroons I ate as a kid but infinitely better. #glutenfree #vegan