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If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. #occupy ALLTHETHINGS. Glutenfree. Vegan. Fat. Disabled. Outraged. Scientist. Star stuff. Yogini.

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Stuff not to buy. #OpMonsanto #FuckMonsanto #MarchAgainstMonsanto

Gonna roast the hell out of some portobellos in a bit.

My #vegan ice cream brings all the boys to the yard.

The BP ad on my cheezburger app makes me sad :(

Thanks, .

This is what glutenfree vegans eat. grew the taters & kale on the balcony.

I asked , "hey do we have any potatoes?" and he got these fresh from the balcony:

My lentil quinoa loaf. Let me show you it.

Omg! I finally found Thumbs Up bars!

This pisses me off. My wt decreased because of celiac & I don't care. I care that I'm not sick as hell! PS: still fat.

Kate lost 18" of fat (are those linear inches? Did she have a tail?) & cured her chronic pain. Seems legit.

Lulz. I'm fat and I'm sooooo not high on acid. #fatstigma #soldmyshittoquacks

This cupcake will make you skinny. #fatstigma #pseudoscience

Ever since I gave $ to I got put on a mailing list that sends out this disgusting propaganda. #fatstigma

1984 was not intended to be an instruction manual. #EndCISPA

Dear : someone at Berkeley Bowl crossed off the "dairy free" part of the label on the mahalo bars!!

A binder to keep all yer poly wimmens in.

This might be my favorite #postsecret ever.

. and here they are for dinner: