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If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. #occupy ALLTHETHINGS. Glutenfree. Vegan. Fat. Disabled. Outraged. Scientist. Star stuff. Yogini.

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This pay phone offered free calls to some big banks, job seeking advice, social security, and god's daily prayer.

78 degrees out, nearly 100 all day, and this highway vending machine sells tuna & ham salad sandwiches and yogurt.

Dear Hail Merry: I love your nuts.

echofon lets you view any convo/reply to Any tweet, like this one (click "in reply to" & it opens):

Why not sign #Zimmerman up for some credit cards and shit? Maybe some info requests from the KKK?

Heh. finally did a little journalism.

I don't like that encourage #Chemophobia by using an E-flask to denote unnecessary additives. Sad face.

Here's a cat.

this is tripod girl Ginger. She had a long recovery & is happy again! #HotCrazyCatPeople #TeamCatMojo

Para bingo. Lulz.

someone needs to be arrested for falsifying govt record.

Whoever changed the time stamp on the vote should be arrested & charged with perjury. #SB5

What this night needs is a cat pic:

My parents' cat Raquel runs to the tv whenever My Cat From Hell comes on. She loves you, !

kitteh head!

Dear : thank you for making Twilight bars gluten-free! They're so delicious!!

I got a bike helmet (cuz I got glutened from the loaners) and it's got ROBOTS on it. ROBOTS.

Daddy cup & baby cup.

thanks for being real and awesome. Here is my little tripod princess:

1 more pic! RT : Recumbent hand bikes with on a day too nice to go to work http://t.co/njoZkVuQeC