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If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. #occupy ALLTHETHINGS. Glutenfree. Vegan. Fat. Disabled. Outraged. Scientist. Star stuff. Yogini.

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Dear : I am sorry, but Lillian insists on keeping your tshirt.

NASA and Fisher space pens are both awesome.

My day has improved exponentially with this nightmare before xmas hat bought from a street vendor in sf.


Ginger's midnight snack: Earth Balance.

Today in AWESOME, my super great friend send a box of magic for my birthday. Including a *barium* coffin.

Ginger is madly in love with the tunnel addition to the cat shelves.

Spoiled cats and an extraordinarily talented :

This tomato looks like a kidney. Or a heart.

pimpmychair.com has cool synthetic padded gloves in colors! Lately I use these Damascus biking gloves:

My cat runneth over.

She always knows when I need to get up and don't want to.

Squid dogs. Gluten free & vegan squid dogs.

That's one way to cancel a stamp.

That's one way to cancel a stamp.

Who knew a cute chemistry joke would get me a tshirt? I love you guys, !

Best cat ever. http://twitpic.com/d60d4m

Best cat ever.

A food truck employee tip-shamed some banksters for not tipping on a $170 order & got fired for it http://www.theawl.com/2013/07/millennial-fired-for-tweet

Words With Friends now wants to send SMS invites on my phone? On top of wanting access to Facebook data? Creeptastic!