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A Father, Husband, and Cartoonist. Life is awesome :) Warning: I tweet. A LOT. I also make a lot of Dad Jokes™ (contractually bound) You have been warned.

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I am actually rather pleased at how this sketch came out :3

So this was a fun little jaunt for me. :) Sort of going for a clip art/50's style. Dunno if I pulled it off?


sooooo oh MAN the inking tools in Paint Tool SAI. LOVE THEM. Thanks for the tips, and :3


hah look you can see when photoshop finally crashed.

I have one that is 3mm in diameter and it is still stuck in the ureter coming from my right kidney yay. Doc drew this:


Lunchtime phone doodle

nonsense! This thing is still in one piece! Haha

*sighs heavily*

I keep seeing this on the way home. At first I get excited, then mad at poor word placement, and then sad. :(

More margin drawings

Drawing in the margins

thinking of you

Who likes to make the comics? I like to make the comics

Comic making

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