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A cog in the magazine machine. I like cake more than I like people (except red velvet cause you know it's just food colouring, right?) Views my own etc.

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Tiny little Trat Airport. Flight: 10am. Boarding time: 9.55.

Now that's a sunset, people.

Scootering around this beautiful island is the best fun ever! (and we both still have all our toes)

The lesser spotted flying muppet.

Lovely day for two muppets to go sailing

In a week I'll be back at work and not here anymore *sob* AND sans muppet *huge sob*

Oh what the hell, staying on Koh Chang an extra night (to drink Bacardi Breezers through a straw) and skipping the last night in Bangkok. Hopefully it doesn't rain for the next week like it did today!

Sunset on Koh Chang

Just chilling by the pool today. You?

Eating in the new year with a Khmer bbq

Good morning, Phnom Pehn

Melon daiquiri time! This place is flippen hot.

Just cruising through the flooded forest.

Bit weird, but very relaxing.

What we're doing right now on a street corner in Siem Reap

Welcome to Cambodia, muppets!

Stylin dude next to Deon on the train

The 6am wait at the station for the train to Cambodia.

Reclining Buddha van sy tone af. Heeltemal te groot om af te neem!

A muppet at the Grand Palace