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btw, repainted it just now. Looks like boogers tacked together ._.

Before I repaint it, I present you my /failed/ art assignment.

I look fab.

Apakah hanya kebetulan.

I still have the remaind of it, since 2008 till 2011. 3 years of violence.

How my bed looks like right now. Gonna have to clean it up.

#EXTREME all-caps English note.

After Cockblock Bunny, I present you Nyet Cat. Nyet means no in Russian ^J^

I just took a picture of a pregnant cat in front of the school library what is going on with me.

Thought it was weird that we got 'punished' at bina iman class, turns out they gave us birthday cakes!


Maafkan daku karena telah menghancurkan mukamu, Kate. Daku bisanya melukis jamur kalo di kanvas.

Oh wait this one's the first.

Cockblock Bunny's first appearance.

by the way I tried drawing Red Sonja but it's not finished yet.

gampangnya sih bikin konsep gini

thanks gays!

reminds me of my old phone from 5th grade