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Hey, all. There's a new car that gets 100 miles per gallon but the standard model looks like this:

RT if your Saturday night involves drinking beer at the laundromat.

Divisadero Beer Truck standstill.

Resurrected Steve Jobs is waiting for a Muni bus!

Ryan Vogelsong is guarding my beer.

This dude didn't even notice me as he sat on my steps.

See? You've inspired me.

Pac Heights confuses me: are these pants audaciously cool or ostentatiously pretentious?

I got a free GWAR sweatshirt in the mail today so it wasn't all bad. Thanks,

It's still crazy to be seeing this in San Francisco. cc:

Wednesday baseball!

Why is living in San Francisco funny? Because this temperature has already got people complaining about the heat

I'm rocking out on my couch but things at the other end of the couch are less chaotic. #axsGWAR

OK. RT Man sought as possible suspect is WHITE MALE, wearing white baseball cap on backwards

You did it, guys. Thanks! RT Now can we get my boy to 4 followers by 2 pm?

You did it, guys. Thanks! RT : Can we get my boy to 37,643,000 followers by 1 pm today?

Watching #RealWorldSF and Pedro's fiance, Shawn, has a working fireplace. SF luxury!

Pedro went hiking in Umbros. #RealWorldSF

Rachel had Betty Boop checks. #RealWorldSF