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. If you love motorcades, this will definitely get you going! ;-)

... and Washingtonians wait -- and watch.

As the Obamas dine at Komi, his motorcade idles ...

Me. Corvette. Top down. Friday. #Win

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Todd's cover of this week's :

At 's 16th anniv mtg/party, the 1997 April Fool's issue came out. Ahem, .

What about all bananas that come from Central or South America?

Official Tweetup Twitpic for & me! Yay!

Here's and I at the ct of appeals. #dc4m

A #DADT protester walks away from the White House on Sun. as Park Police prepare for arrests.

Juan and Felipe, two Trail of Dreams walkers & a couple, at Lafayette Park #mayday rally Sat.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.) talks to CAP VP Winnie Stachelberg on Wed. about #LGBT elder care.

Washington Sec of State Reed & AG McKenna at #SCOTUS, talking to a DC intern from their state.

Here's in the center, w at right and friend at #mayday!

Carlos, Felipe & Juan (a couple), & Gaby, who are , in Lafayette Park on Saturday.

At the #mayday immigration and #DREAMAct rally in Lafayette Park.

At 's Mext Generation Awards event at the Donovan House hotel!

Hair cut for the cute boys out today and Next Generation Awards tonight!

"Powering the Future," on this summer, filming in Franklin Park at McPherson Sq!

I told him to stay out of Arizona, but I'm afraid he won't listen!!! #whattodo?