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OK, for the night crowd, this is the best porn-from-movie selection evar!

My view of Schumer's questions at the #Kagan hearing today.

Media & staffers prepare for the afternoon portion of the #Kagan confirmation hearing Q-and-A.

Bow-tie-clad #SCOTUS visitors. #Stevens

My not-golden Golden Ticket. #SCOTUS #Stevens

Good (tired and important) morning, tweeps! Tie status: CLS-v-Martinez checkered.

Nom nom nom. Perfect morning, c/o roomie Tim.

It's fab on the balcony w .

Hey hey! I just got a DVD with your name on it! ;-)

Hot and sweaty and tired. #Me

So, I got my new head shot today. Do we like?

This is what it feels like in DC (only thing missing: go sit in a microwave for 30 seconds) -

Loving Traidisiun, roomie's Irish dance show! Makes me miss 's shows, tho.

And, the second Top Chef shot! #topchefdc

Thanks to , one of my two Top Chef shots! This one with !

Tweeps, it's #ScruffySaturday! ;-)

At the marriage panel at #acs10, moderated by Twitter's own !

Secretary Napolitano, speaking at #acs10 -

Here we go. Rooftop party c/o . ;-)

Yay! makes me smile! #dcpride