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Pizza Destroyer. Oversized Foam Comboy Hat Owner. Ekranoplan Enthusiast. Television & Film Liker. Burger Expert. Humorist & Bon Vivant.

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Children under 12 (from the 1800's) should not use this

The guy from the commercial looks exactly like Marek Hamsik

My mom found this huge print of young, soccer player Chris Duncan. This is before I turned into a shithead.

I'm going to take this as a "no"

Frank's Cavalcade of Comedy!! And !!

Once upon a time, this could be used to play hockey. Now, it goes to the graveyard. Who wants to buy me a new one?

Jordan Babineaux found a hat!

Brian Robison's ponytail is majestic

People are attempting to play beer pong in the dark

There's a lot going on here other than the giant breasts

Mish Mash comedy competition at hosted by

Google's autocomplete of people looking for definitions is quite amazing

How the fuck does this thing make high definition television happen?

Just deconstructed my Samsung DLP TV to replace the color wheel

This Indian guy on 'Taboo' knows how to party