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Pizza Destroyer. Oversized Foam Comboy Hat Owner. Ekranoplan Enthusiast. Television & Film Liker. Burger Expert. Humorist & Bon Vivant.

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There's no shame in my game

I'm researching Blake Bell

Couldn't that describe every episode of 'Law & Order' ever made?

Couldn't that describe every episode of 'Law & Order'

The best way to watch the new Miley Cyrus video

I'd rather not surrender to that shitty show

RIP my long hair

Ouch, Charlie Villanueva.

I don't know if I like these randoms contacting me on 23andMe. Maybe one will be rich.

U sad amigo

Why is The Devil hosting this CBS golf show?

Just doing some research


"I have a great idea for our next commercial!" #terrible

U mad bro

I am officially hangin' with Mr. Cooper

I have a feeling this kid has many assbeatings awaiting him in life

The More You Know


Congrats on parlaying the news of Cory Monteith's death into record-breaking website traffic, !