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Web entrepreneur, blogger, photographer, drummer. Run a small dev shop called @SynapseStudios. STS-134 #NASATweetup attendee!

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The people set up shop outside the office and are handing out tasty treats.

Probably the last time this season I'll get to use my car's bacon warmer.

Dad, dog, and some snow up in Strawberry this morning.

SwiftKey heat map, some 30,000 saved keystrokes later.

Holy fuck, big fat greek is on fire

Nothing like a nice meal out with friends, right?

$4 each from Sunflower Market? Yes please.

"Nope, no cookies. Or polyps," says

Mr. takes the "spikes out" approach to the ladies...

Worst. Puerto Rican souvenir. Ever. Oh. God.

Ah, home sweet biohazardy home:

Five pounds of spit-roasted pork. Watched them slice it up. Best pork I've ever had. would be in heaven.

There's a Linux joke hiding somewhere in this man's attire...

#bobtows in action. How much clearer can "no parking at any time" in all caps be???

Guess which steak is 's?

What is it they say? Whisky a cold, starve a fever? (Thankful for )

Best parking job ever, or worst?

In which torn plaid shirt guy gives the business to wrapped head injury guy who started something:

"Before you freak out, they're to help with growing out my hair." — uh. huh.