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twenty-something new englander chasing the dream behind a radio microphone. couchsurfer, news pup, geek, not ashamed to watch cartoons.

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beware of my scary hand! it looks not perfect close up, ok from afar

kind of a blurry pic, but you get the idea. i feel like i'm twelve again, eating these. #nom #sugarhigh

latest creation

shitty quality because i have the oldest computer evar but here's a stick figure for example

kona is the bomb. this is my favorite of theirs (old pic, but you get the idea):

incredibly nerdy purchase i made today. saw it on the daily show, had to have it.

i acquired this, rather unexpectedly, this weekend:

just picked up a salad from a local pizza joint. thought i ordered caesar salad, not crouton salad!

checking the forecast, i am going to be a happy woman for days to come. you will all want to hit me by tuesday.

this is why i must invest in cable for the next baseball season. too much to squeeze on one computer screen...

tried to dye the hair three shades darker. made it about two. whatever, it works. #nomakeup #scarysights

Probably the sweetest sight you'll see all day. cc #traffickitty

for your viewing pleasure (?)

injury update: bruising all but gone (yay!) but foot's still crazy swollen. we've made a sacrifice to try and help:

oh, all right. you really had to twist my arm.

my mom's looked like farrah fawcett on crack. my horribly feathered hair:

just found this from yesterday. i think the west hartford sign committee needs to brush up on their grammar

i think i want to simultaneously punch and buy a beer for whoever thought of these. so bad but SO good.

hey , here's a horrible picture of my new haircut (even tho i'm talking to you as we speak)