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My matzoh brings all the goys to the yard.

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Did I mention that we're from Orlando? #holidaze

The "good" crystal makes its annual appearance. #holidaze

Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples And Teens And Gays Against Parasitic Parents (SSCCATAGAPP) #GPOY

I don't understand anyone who sees the gym as anything but a wholly miserable necessity. #ptownproblems

Hands off, boys - this one's mine. #Grindr

I seem to have stumbled upon 's brunch menu.

And now, for the second day of the Opening Ceremonies, #London shares with NYC a little taste of their native climate.

Terrible speller or awesome Speedy Gonzalez impersonator? #Grindr

The downside to my bagel shop is that annoying tourists flock to it. The upside is that they're blasting "Purple Rain."

"Sunscreen? Oh just a little on my shoulders, I never burn anywhere else." #oops

A girl next to us just described her location as "We're next to a bunch of gay guys playing paddleball."

Just another afternoon watching play with balls.

They've even got something for !

It's too early for Journey.

I entered to "Tearin' Up My Heart." We have a room with lasers. I am already overwhelmed.

Just making sure we've still got this once takes its head out of its ass and deletes the tweet. #Aurora

I love a good skin pic as much as the next guy, but what exactly are you showcasing here, friend?

I want to put her in a cage at The Eagle on a Saturday night and let her see how fun we can really be. #gayboyproblems

Mumsy and Popsicle.

I think I just found Lindsay Lohan's dinner menu.