Blame it on my wild heart ~

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Oh hey Liddy Buck in my Rollingstone, woop. How is he only 100 though? He's a bad ass guitar player you dumbasses!

My teacher talked about Fleetwood Mac in class today. Made me look up from my phone and put a smile on my face :)

Wearing my new swifty shirt today :)

Decorated my wall with Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift & Hippies.

Nose bleeds baby. The things I do for swifty...

Today is a good day! Look what I got .... :D

New wild heart style earrings ... Yay !

Steebee shirt today. Can she come back here already ?! I need to see her again.

Stevie Nicks & the Cheshire Cat. Isn't she cute ?!

My name is Stevie Nicks ...

This is what I do during school. You see how much I pay attention school don't you ?

I just got Storms in the mail today and I'm on page 62 already. I can't put it down. This shit is so fascinating.

Leaving my mark every where I go... Don't blame it on me ....

Coolest bumper sticker at sccc by far. HP all the way !

Time to watch Live In Chicago and clean my room. Miss. Nicks makes everything more fun !