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Awwww thanks! She's growing like a weed!

Look how happy he is to be saying goodbye to the mop!

Nooooo idea she's about to get her SHOTS.

Durrr I meant to attach this earlier. Cuddly puppers.

Right now she doesn't seem very exhausting. #cutiemcschnoops

Like my updated iMac power cable, courtesy of Miss Lucky? BAD. PUPPY. BAAAAD.

Little Miss Lucky, refusing to do her doggy business.

Who's got a cool doggy name tag?

Yellow lab, her name is Lucky! :)

Introducing Lucky, our puppy! Already riding shotgun.


Burned my wrist when the Corningware lid slid off the pot on Friday. It was a big puffy blister til this morning.

I certainly did NOT recently watch Dinner for Schmucks. But I have a certain 10 year old who looks like me in mind who may have!

All hands on deck!

Welp, guess I'm out 1 pair of sunglasses for the mo!

Setting my alarm. When in the freaking world did I set 12:30 pm as a wake up time? Grade 11?


It's possible this game will be the death of me. Goodbye, cruel woyld.

OK: This is YUMMO!!!

For a good time call 44-70-4573-9682.