A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, smothered in Nutella.

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Hey ... Good times in NOLA

Yay or nay?

April Fool! (fucking Mother Nature and her cruel jokes)

This is why I never throw anything away. You never know when you'll need something again.

Pretty soon my whole living room will be festooned in teal and yellow. You heard me, festooned!

I spent two days and many hours shoveling that deck and I woke up to this. I give up.

Blah blah pretty. Blah blah Norman Rockwell.

And if it's really dark, I can remove the top!

The WTF gift of 2010 - The teacup lamp

My baking helper. She cleans the pans.

Here we go again.

Three down, one to go... In this container.

Would like to point out there is almost 8 oz of powder in there. Already gagging at the thought. #fuckcancer

Preparing my "dinner".

Her super powers are flight, strength, and she can stop you in your tracks w/ one smile.

Crappy stitches? Check. Irregular felt circle? Check. Super excited kid who doesn't care? Check!

I wasn't kidding about the gumbo.

I'm sure this won't freak out my inlaws at all when I pick up the kids.

Damn dog is not impressed with my Wizard of Oz references.

Come ON.

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