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One of the most difficult items we've ever had to secure. New Mojama has arrived.

The word mojama comes from the Arabic musama (dry), but its origins are from the first Phoenician settlement in the Western Mediterranean Sea. The Phoenicians had learned to dry tuna in sea salt to make it appropriate for trade

Mojama is tuna fillet which has been air dried - traditionally for at least a month - on the hot, dry and windy south west coast of Spain. The drying reduces the weight by half (and helps explain the astronomical price).

Mojama is made using the loins of the tuna by curing them in salt for two days. The salt is then removed, the loins are washed and then laid out to dry in the sun and the breeze (according to the traditional method) for fifteen to twenty days. The result is exquisite and unique - an intense taste that goes an incredibly long way.

DISH PICTURED - Salade Gourmande Foie Gras, Mojama, Hericot Vert, Truffle Chef Matt Kirkley L2O

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5 hours till 30 Chefs go head to head in the battle royal of the summer!!

We will be front row slamming Jamo shots & cheering on the carnage. See you all soon

Supreme Mother Shucker
Sunday, August 17, 2014
4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
1072 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

1st place - $700 cash and two Blackhawks tickets,
2nd place - Frontier's Signature Whole Pig Dinner for up to 15 (a $550 value)
3rd place - signed Blackhawks jersey

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Reminder that the carnage takes place this Sunday Frontier Chicago. 30 Chefs representing some of Chicago's best restaurants battle to take the glory & title of Supreme Mother Shucker!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014
4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
1072 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

1st place - $700 cash and two Blackhawks tickets,
2nd place - Frontier's Signature Whole Pig Dinner for up to 15 (a $550 value)
3rd place - signed Blackhawks jersey

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Chicagoans I'm searching for some sideshow performers. Looking for flame jugglers, fire eaters, contortionists or any other cool, sexy dangerous talented circus or unique acts. Heavily Tattooed a huge plus. Know or recommend anyone? Send me a DM

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Apalachicola Pink Porgies.
Very lucky to get our hands on these domestic relative of the Japanese Madai & Antarctic Tai. A strikingly beautiful pink skin that is thin enough to crisp up perfectly with a small amount of fat. The flesh is a medium light delicate flake that is perfect when cooked just past rare. These won't be around much longer my children.

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Not too shabby Chef!!

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Live Maine Whelk. This gorgeous rose colored shell holds one of the tastiest sea snails known to man!

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The Cheek from a Vikurall Arctic Whale Cod. Hilariously sexy

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From the pictures of these immense gorgeous pockets of golden fat you can see why these animals are one of my top 5 all time favorite beasts to devour!

Sturgeon are one of the oldest fish species in the world, evolving more than 250 million years ago. Historically, sturgeon species have been a most sought-after fish, prized for their precious caviar and delicious filets served to royalty and in the world's finest restaurants. Unfortunately, their reputation as a delicacy has led to overfishing and a depletion in wild stocks worldwide.

Farming sturgeon is a commitment to raise the fish with no impact on wild stocks. This is done in a controlled environment where all inputs such as feed, water quality, and other factors are strictly monitored and accomplished in a sustainable manner. In the controlled environment of California's Sterling Farms, using pure well water and fed a nutritionally balanced daily diet. Thus, ensuring that the fish are being raised in optimum conditions for both growth as well as for the health and well being of the sturgeon. There is no use of hormones to raise the fish and the use of any medication is strictly regulated and enforced by the Food and Drug Administration as well as other inspecting agencies.

Sterling Farms entire production cycle is self contained and does not use any outside resources such as fish from the wild. Production cycle begins with spawning the fish and incubating the eggs for a week before the baby sturgeon, known as fry, are hatched. They grow the fish to about three years of age, by which time they are about 20-25 pounds in size each. At this point, using ultrasound technology, they identify which select females we want to keep for another five to ten years to produce caviar. The females selected at three years of age continue to grow until at least seven years of age, at which point a relatively small percentage of them are ripe and are processed into caviar

California White Sturgeon is a firm, dense fleshed fishand often compared to having similar flavor & textural characterisics of milk fed veal.

Because of this similarity to meat and chicken, it is an excellent menu option for diners who do not like "fishy" tasting seafood selections. Smoked sturgeon is also an exquisite option.

In the humble opinion of this fishmonger, these exquisite animals are a perfect menu item with a firm dense flesh, outstanding pockets of golden colored fat & incredible overall flavor.

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My crabs..............................are enormous

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I am......a drug dealer

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The Atlantic Deep Sea Red Crab has a brilliant shell with a strikingly beautiful deep orange to bright crimson color in its live raw state. A distinctive characteristic unique to this species, along with a succulent snow white flesh often compared to Alaskan Opilio Crab.

Harvested off the continental shelf, from North Carolina to the Canadian line.The crabs are caught in large beehive shaped traps that are left in the water for short 24 hour "soaks".The crabs are brought dockside live where they are immediately packed & shipped direct to Supreme Lobster's Chicago Headquarters.

The amazing fishery is managed by the New England Fisheries Management Council following strict harvesting guidelines which allows it the recent MSC Certification. Their distribution reaches from the Gulf of Mexico in the south up to Emerald Bay, Nova Scotia in the north. Depending on life stage, they may occur from the shallow warm waters of the continental shelf as larvae and deep cold water on the outer continental shelf as post larval crabs. In the Northeast, adult red crabs occur along the continental shelf edge and upper slope from the Scotian Shelf and the Gulf of Maine to Cape Hatteras.

Average size is 1-3 lbs. or 5 to 7 inches (12.5cm-17.5cm) across the back of the shell. The core of the meat is pure white with distinct red highlights on the outside similar to a lobster. Because these crabs are caught at a depth of 2,000+ feet, the water temperature stays at a constant 38°, which provides the animals with a firm, plump & incredibly sweet flesh.

Deep Sea Red Crab will be available for the first time in the Chicago Market this Thursday exclusively from Supreme Lobster & Seafood Co! Crab will be available Fresh Raw & Fresh Hand Picked Leg Meat. Due to the delicate nature of the animals we can not guarantee crabs arrive live.

This first round will sell out so be sure to contact us early today.

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First time ever in Chicago...........Winter Skate Cheeks.

Fucking Gorgeous plump firm morsels of meat.

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Supreme Lobster is proud to introduce an exquisite new Oyster into the Chicago & Las Vegas markets!

Raised by the oldest oyster farm in the state of Maine, Browne's Point oysters are the highest grade select Oysters that are handpicked and harvest to Rod Browne Mitchell's specifications for ideal shape, cup, and size. Harvested from the cool waters of the Damariscotta River - which for centuries drew Native Indians and early settlers to its waters to feast on the abundant oysters found there - these oysters thrive in the clean river estuaries that draw nutrients from the tidal surges of the Atlantic Ocean.

Browne's Point Oysters carry medium sized
2-3" shell with stunning tiger stiations with colors ranges from gold to violet on the lower cup. The flavor is incredibly robust with a pronounced salinity, complex minerality and an elegant sweet finish that is distinctive to this distintive & pronounced.

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John Dory are distinct from all other fish, with the exception of their deepwater relatives Oreos. John Dory however, have much smoother, paler skin and smaller eyes. Dories, with their dark fingerprint spot and long filamentous dorsal fin, are an unmistakable member of the group.

John Dory fillets have a firm white delicate flesh that is prized as being one of the most elegant & refined proteins on Earth.

John Dory is quite common in the coastal water of northern New Zealand, particularly from Bay of Plenty northwards; however they are not abundant in any locality. It's a rare treat to have an offering of these exquisite beasts hailing from a Domestic Catch so when offered we tend to secure all that is available. With most catches scooped up by Japanese Markets willing to pay outlandish prices for this exquisite ingredient, Chicago Chefs are extremely lucky to have access to such a pristine animal just hours from Kill.

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Massachusetts Striped Rock Bass Season opened on Sunday & Fish have been arriving all week in stunningly baller pristine condition. These massive behemoths come to us Darren Soletta of the F/V Free Monomoy hunting the waters off the shores of Harwich Port located just southeast of Chatham.

One of the best seasons of the year have begun!

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If she doesn't look familiar it's probably because this beast has only been in about 4-5 Professional American Kitchens since we started sourcing them from the dive team in Hawaii.

Killed by our diver P. Kalani off the shores of Kaneohe Hawaii.

This immaculate animal is known by many names. In Hawaii, Emperor Mu'u. In Japan, where they sometimes are caught they're known as Yokoshira Kurodai. In other parts of the word as well as amongst our Chef they are The Mother of Dragon.

This species of Emperor Bream is closely related to a Southern Tai & offer similar characteristics in both flesh & skin texture. The flavor is clean & bright with a light natural salinity.

As you can see they are incredible, absolutely unique & incredibly rare. We've never been offered more than 10 fish at one kill & kills are few and far between. They will go fast!

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Sea Twinkies Bitches!

Considered to be the highest quality Sea Urchin on Earth due to the larger size of the lobes as well as the grading that goes into the harvesting of the "Roe", Santa Barbara Sea Urchin stand out among others with a large black (actually very dark red) shell & long 3 inch spines. Whole Live Santa Barbara Sea Urchin average about a pound a piece & are about the size of a softball.

Each Sea Urchin contains five bright tongues of yellow and orange roe. Color may vary naturally throughout the year depending on many factors including water temperature, diet, seasonal spawning, weather and availability.

For Chefs who chose to forgo the mess & labor involved in killing & cleaning your own Sea Urchin we also offer Uni from both coastal fisheries.

Grading is done based on color, taste and texture. Supreme Lobster only Purchases Fresh Maru Ka or Golden Grade Pacific Sea Urchin Roe & Fresh AAA Grade Atlantic Sea Urchin Roe (Preorders recommended).

Vana Select or Sauce Grade Pacific Sea Urchin Roe is also available on a preorder basis only, pending availability.

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A calling to all Culinary Students!!!

Supreme Lobster's Retail Store is now accepting applications for part time work. This is a great opportunity to have direct access to the most incredible selection of the industry's highest grade seafood from around the globe. An awesome way to hone your fillet skills as well as increase your seafood product knowledge to set you a step above your peers as you head into the Culinary world!

Students who are interested in applying for these limited spaces are instructed to call Skylar @ 630.834.FISH(3474).

Be sure you mention you heard about the position on FB.

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It's makes my junk tingle to be able to work with the one of the rarest products on Earth!

For the first time available in the U.S., our Royal Belgian White Pearl Caviar is now stateside!

Hailing from the Royal Belgium Caviar sturgeon farms of Turnhout, Belgium comes a rarely experienced caviar in America - The "WHITE PEARL". This unique caviar is produced by a stock of albino Sterlet sturgeon and have a structure and size very similar to Sevruga caviar. Their "white pearls" are visually distinct from any other caviar on the market - and have soft eggs with a uniquely refined flavor profile.

The Sterlet sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus) is a relatively small species of sturgeon from Eurasia and much like the Siberian sturgeon in that it is a freshwater species. It is native to large rivers that flow into the Black Sea, Azov Sea and Caspian Sea, and with a maximum weight of approximately 16 kg, it is the smallest of the sturgeon family. Yet the species delivers excellent caviar - once favored by the Russian Tsars - and is not commonly seen in Western markets. Ranging from pure white to even a brilliant "gold" these tender eggs have a distinct flavor.

Royal Belgium Caviar is one of Europe's most acclaimed producers of beautiful caviars. They began in the late eighties with the breeding of sturgeon in support of the development of sturgeon feed. In the early nineties, biologist Dr. Willy Verdonck was engaged in the breeding of sturgeon caviar, which yielded the first results in 2002. Although initially very limited, the production did gradually increase, as did the number of cultivated species - which includes a population of Sterlet Sturgeons. Through years of intensive research, Dr. Verdonck managed to completely control the breeding cycle of some sturgeon species (and he is now considered an international authority on caviar production). This implied completely eliminating recruitment from the wild, thus putting less pressure on the heavily threatened natural populations. Royal Belgium Caviar raises naturally "colored" sterlets, but also a full white, or albino, population. From the fertilization of the egg up to the production of caviar, every step in the farm, is meticulously controlled and monitored - and only one person, Willy's wife Mia is actually entrusted with the production of the caviar. Their albino Sterlet Caviar can is produced under the "White Pearl" label. Because of the limited production of this caviar and its delicate nature, this specialty is EXTREMELY LIMITED.

Available exclusively through Supreme Lobster & Seafood Co. in 50g tins.

Call now to secure your share of this incredibly limited delicacy!

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