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What, didn't they break up?

So we accidentally a new car. Oops.

Records I found in the used bin, but did not buy:

Good riddance.

Well done on the cover, :

btw, cheers!

W00tstout #winning!

Showing my colors on Bald Mountain! #TeamKarbach

It’s sort of ridiculous I can tweet from here — 13,000 ft + on Bald Mountain in Breckenridge. #donthateme

Shut up. I’ve been PRODUCTIVE.

Hey, , we miss you and Wendy tonight! #SeaMonkeysForever #ToEvil #JCCC3

Winning. #louisville

Christmas in June! Cc:

our friend joy was VERY pleased! #DirtyChrisMartin


Oral hygiene is a key part of the convention experience.

The view from my buddy’s new townhouse:

Confidential to :

Boy, is it ever nice when Past Chet does Present Chet such a solid favor:

It was all fun and games until she got out the goddamn stilts.

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