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Aaaaaaaaaand Tony and I both lose to Nicholas. Happy 30th birthdat !

Yup, just got one-upped by Tony in the performance round. #comfortablynumb

For the 30th birthday of , a performance by Wesley Hawksman singing "Lethal and Young" by .

What a beautiful silhouette.

It's a plant-based Thanksgiving dinner w/ and #Thanksgivingus #Maximus

"Halloween is my middle name. Gar-halloween-field."

Turkey did not reach his wii fit goal this round. Overweight bird with a bmi of 23.45. #Thanksgivingus #Maximus

Full of energy after a late shift? Why not try Crazy Zoo?

Noooooooo thanks.

Mario wall resurrected!!

On the right day, with the right soundtrack, a walk past the farm feels tastefully sinister. #TheSticks

Playin' my new Tetris boardgame and listening to "Do the Bartman." So far, my thirties are pretty rad and cool.

Our mom says our dad is a real sex machine.

Smooth movers AND a catchy slogan. #almostdone

"Well should we throw out these blinds or do you want to try and-GAAAAHHHHH!" - #moving

I think I just literally stopped to smell the roses. #ohyou

Patio line of the night: "You have Wilfred Laurier hair!" "That makes me want to sneeze."

How to identify faulty gear. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. #TechLife

A rainy day meant for chai tea and Looney Toons. #ThreeLittleBops

Alligator boot Fabio has been following us around Toronto Island all day. A truly disturbing haunting.