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NHS Diagnostic Radiographer & nerd. Tweets and opinions are my own, as I doubt my employer shares my interests in geekery or industrial metal.

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OooOOOoooooOOOoooh! How dreadfully exciting.

I should be watching Embarrassing Bodies Down Under but instead I watched Skippy clean the flat. Damn you !

Hiding behind a tree to have my lunch. No one's safe from the helicopters though.

Oh bloody hell. It's gonna be a tough 12 hour day at work after a shitty sleep like that!

Look who's on my tellybox! It's ! Now, which episode was it I absolutely HAVE to watch?

Saw some striking pareidolia on a bench on the way to the station, just had to get a photo.

I've got three hours to kill, might just sit and stare at this. Would be a good way to turn my brain off.

This fixed me. #QEDCon

Made an addition to my #QEDCon badge. #hellomynameis

Fucking hell. Just got a spam text from the Lib Dems. Unnecessarily intrusive...

I saw a much more crude version in the hospital I worked at in Nepal

I've just realised that the kit I'm using is essentially a giant radiation-emitting protractor. Oh, and I'm bored.

I'll be honest, I've seen bigger.

"Artefact noted". Yeah. Definitely. #24hrsAE

Look what I found this morning! What a beast!

I celebrated World Radiography day by teaching a room full of students about gonad protection, using gingerbread.

We didn't do it for Halloween but my last two birthdays have been Bad!

We didn't do it for Halloween but my last two birthdays have been Bad!

I mean LOOK at it. Stunning. And only $8 too.

I haven't been on Twitter much since arriving in Aus, but I feel I must share this amazing charity shop find: