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I think maybe I have crossed the ethical line of friendship by making illustrate this J2 fic for me.

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Mondays are rough, huh?

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Good news, . My friend found a fool-proof way to get our internet to behave...

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My friend demonstrates what I call "GPOY of Literally Everyone Who Has Ever Been to Ever."

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Breaking News: called me bald. Is it the new Jesus look making him turn on science so suddenly?

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Really, Twitter?!? This was that obvious of a choice???? XD

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Ugh, I guess being best friends with isn't all bad...

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Look at this e-mail I just got from a professor. I am not just good at my job. I am scary good at my job. ^___^

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It's so important to have a family you can depend on to want the best for you. Thanks, Chat. #chatneedsnocontext

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I think I nailed all the really important stuff. My Canadian friends may disagree...

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Ok, Europeans. Turn around's fair play. I've a degree in cold war history. It should be revoked.

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Now for a super easy round of "guess which legs are Cherie's" sponsored by & the ~silent auction.

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Do you ever see a group of bitches & you're like "Wow fuck you, who said you could be that cute?" We're not sorry.

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Respectful as always, and I attend a religious worship at the Rim shrine.

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Your Heaven is a road. At the end you find your garden. Soul mates share. #Winchesterroadtrip2013 #endoftheline

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I know Halloween's over, but this costume I casually threw on this morning ain't half bad. ;) #WHIPPETSHIRTFEELS

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Here I am in full hobbit princess renn faire get up, brandishing Sting. :DDDDDD

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This stupid fluffy baby came by to say hello and lick my face a lot. :3333

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I am lolling so hard at my timeline right now. ARE YOU GUYS HUNGRY TODAY?

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