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The sweetest kitty there ever was. Barb says Happy Turkey day -- her fav day of the year #divacat

Whoever said carving pumpkins was easy must have been hammered. Better late than never! #happyhalloweenie

Jacked from P.F. Changs in your honor #chopdrumsticks learned from a pro

Sitting in football traffic is so much more enjoyable with folding plastic wine glasses -- courtesy of Mom. Typical.

Michael got crabs in Baltimore

Patient number one! Think they will all be this cooperative? #doubtful

Applicable to the rest of my life? Let's hope so.

Bring it on #Irene

you need some of these! #chillballs

Wax number 1 #check

This is how homegirl at Arby's spelled Michael's name #ohMichelle

This reminds me of you #visitasap

Under water dominoes. My life is officially complete.

YES!! patriotism at its finest #USAalltheway

Paradise at Dolphin Dunes. 2nd grade repeat #12check

Living high class tonight #onlyinalabama

...and that's how you know it's going to be a good night

can you believe I still have this?? So many memories! #gettingold

birthday princess loving that cake

time for round two??? #check

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