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I just saw this in the fridge. Bad omen, isn't it? Argh. XP

Bring on the tennis! and I are ready for it. We think. *drinks*

This pose is just not attractive any way you look at it. :P

Not the most amazing of poses. And eeekk his shorts! my eyes! :P

A little too much Ferru? What does that even mean??? :P

Next time I come across a hater, this is what they're gonna get! LOL

how about this one? Not daily post worthy? LOL at the cup placement xD

French toast and a banana. Okay, no banana for xP

Nervous, excited, eeeeeeeeeeee! XD

Twice in a week. That's probably a Rafa record for the local free paper. Someone there is definitely a fan ;)

this is my list

Rafa on the local free paper! <3

how about now?

I got mail fr ! :*

don't say I never give you flowers. and look, they're white! XD :*

I really needed this, rough day at work.

Vietnamese halo-halo! Om nom nom :D

you're always saying moo cow, so I remembered it today when I got this:

I don't have BlondeNando pics right now. This will have to do xD