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Aspiring screenwriter. I curse, I make crude jokes, and I'm a dad. Follow at your own risk. Don't make assumptions.

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Here's something disgusting: Google, you sick bastards.

Deja Vu isn't that creepy

Is it just me, or does James Brown look very weird in this pic:?

I know a bunch of you 'Dr. Who' fans have kitty cats; so you'll want this Tardis Kitty Lounge:

This morning, with a hazy fog lit by the sun, the neighborhood glowed yellow. And across the street, a rainbow like no other shone. Before his bus came, he needed a picture taken. Today was a good day.

My son thinks he's too cool for school already.

I love this picture: Kermit and Yoda together at last.

Mr. Bean crashed into a $1 million car. I'm sure the look on his face was something like this:

This is why I didn't become a model:

What an odd looking bottle:

At my local McDonald's: I think Grimace is drinking Freon!

Picture of Steve Jobs getting kicked by a silhouette

Steve Jobs claims to have "the best quarter ever." which is revealed to be this one:

Since my Bill Murray portrait was an utter bomb, I'm going to try and draw someone who looks more like me:

Ugh...I tried and tried--but my Bill Murray portrait looks horrible: See for yourself:

Juoaquin Phoenix is right!

I tried drawing this: "Johnny Badappleseed" but I think it turned out horribly :o(

Holy Shit!

And 10 yrs later, "The Aristocrats" is mentioned on "The Mighty B!" Amazing.