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Cuteness overload. :)

Walang signal ang smart?? Or is it just my phone?? Ganina ra ko sigeg on-off, airplane mode. Haaay.


Daily offering daw. 

Fatness fairy, why? Why? WHY?

#darkchocochunkscookie #sweetnessfairytoo

Good morning. Pampagoodvibes lang. #cactusporcupineloveaffair

Tnx soo much to d kindest, loudest, most clingy, most generous, most bossy TART of all:
#iwasforced #hihi

Look what i had for lunch. #alive&kickin

Someone took big advantage of my "black" weakness. #geethanks

Infurr, kinda medyo pogi this rose. Just have to take a pic before it withers.. #spoon

Cheeks ohhh!! Witwew. Hahaha. Widda bam-es.  #bilog

Fat Fairy wants to recruit me to Fat Kingdom so she sent a very persistent ally. #sigh #stresseating


Ellie, Andi eigenmann's baby. Ang dami kong gigil!!!! 

Alone. Backstage. #tostar2013 :(

Epic is an understatement. #tostar2013

Yeah baby. #we'refull #nottoolatetoparty #foracause

Oh and here's another selfie. #promiseakoto #ultimategirlcrush

Today deserves a shameless, yucky selfie which i hate but im gonna post anyway cuz I AM shameless & yucky today #?


Kaya ko pa. Kaya ko to. Kaya ko to. Kaya ko to. #formother

Constitutional space out. Art class accdg to miss u seatmate tart. Mwah!


So you see, some other B is sexier than your butt or biceps. 

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