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Left to right: Duff, Haloti Ngata.

  • 2088 days ago via site
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Elena rocked the Millennium Falcon, AGAIN.

  • 2089 days ago via site
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Geof made these cakes last week for the Washington Post.

  • 2089 days ago via site
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The Snuggie has come to Charm City Cakes

  • 2099 days ago via site
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Elena's Boba Fett Cake. "He's no good to me dead."

  • 2113 days ago via site
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Best fan photo EVER: 6 year old Jacey snowboards in her CCC tshirt!

  • 2113 days ago via site
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And it's FULLY STOCKED! Best Thursday EVER.

  • 2113 days ago via site
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Oh my GOSH! Blue Bunny sent us an ice cream freezer!

  • 2113 days ago via site
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Awesome cake from last week : An At-At about to be taken down by a Snow Speeder. Learn more here:

  • 2116 days ago via site
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Duff onstage in Des Moines this weekend. We had the BEST time! Thanks to all who came to see us.

  • 2116 days ago via site
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Happy Halloween, redux! Look what Erica made!

  • 2133 days ago via site
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Happy Halloween! Look what Elena's working on - he's going to squirt blood when he's done.

  • 2133 days ago via site
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Thanks to Dragonsong Forge and Del Ray/Spectra for this wicked samurai sword. Though I don't know if Geof is all that thrilled.

  • 2135 days ago via site
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Jewel is here! Squeee! She's nicer and prettier than you can imagine. :) -MA

  • 2137 days ago via site
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Ben and Cameraguy Jeff sensitively share our new book with you. Because sharing is caring.

  • 2143 days ago via site
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Mary Smith () tweeting away (w/ pumpkin) about our book! So exciting! (and spooky! {note the pumpkin}) -

  • 2143 days ago via site
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Sofia, Adam, and Gabe stood in height order, just to show you guys how excited they are for our book to be on sale! -Laur

  • 2143 days ago via phone
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Busy bee Anna told me to tell you that our book comes out today! Yahoo!!! -Lauren F.

  • 2144 days ago via phone
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  • 2157 days ago via phone
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We just got our advance copies of the book. We. Are. Excited. Squeee!

  • 2161 days ago via site
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