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More factory line at #slush11

ticket workshop..the things we get ourselves into! #slush11

How cute! Red Bull Can Racing at

come here!!!!!

Prototyping a mobile demo platform, feat #aaltoes

A bff moment at garage; and new #aaltoes stickers


Thank god for materials engineers! attempt to party, take 1; cigarettes & a bonfire

This is #aaltoes idea of a party. & at steve blank debriefing

This i forgot to upload earlier. Me310 fun times at garage:) #aaltoes

Fighting!!! inter-team wars at garage, i.e slow day at the office

Team Blank for the win! #aaltoes

on the average gamer: 37 and increasingly female #aaltoes

This is what the factory crazies cause is a laptopoholic, needs help, cant stop excelingggg aaaarrrgghhh

This is githubbing cos we really dont have a life outside the factory.. #aaltoes

Hey we're still here at midnight & up again early tmr morning to set up your visit!

Design Factory Dat...ehh WindowsPhone design as a process of dating. Fun lecture!

& standing proud with the new #aaltoes rollup

An #aaltoes milestone! Girls' dressing room for demoday! getting ready :)

Shadow cities' on stage seconds before breaking into song and dance #assembly

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