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I've had this inside of a fortune cookie in my studio for a while now, I hope one day it comes true.


Blue keyboard!!!!

Painting my keybaord to match my soon to come website!!! :)

Why do all takeaways have TVs like this?

In a club full of dickheads!!! Love it! NOT!

Foundation and airbrush city ..... No thanks!!!

Will I make it??????

Just footed a projector in my lounge!!!! Yesss!

That was goooood!!!!!!!!!!

Eating lunch alone, this is what I have every day!!!! All for £4

My ikea chair is a waster. I think I sit in this studio too much!!!!

Hahaha at my mums, pulled out a red bull can from the cupboard.... Look at the exp date!!!

Bet you wish your day was as fun as mine. Borrrring, I hate lapel mics and people that can't project their voice.

Let's get on it

I can't help but feel like laughing my head off, tomorrow will be hillarioussssss!

I made his change his laces.... Much better right?

Just so everyone knows has a new nickname, mr blobby. Watsup with his shoes?

I asked for a few jalapinos..... I dread to think if I had asked for a lot. Mmmmm though xxx

Twitter on my iPhone confuses me. Getting excited for saturday!