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I went ahead and turned off Amber Alerts on my iPhone. It was going haywire. Settings>Notifications>Scroll to bottom.


Is this Amber Alert push notification a new thing? The SFX sure get my attention. Wow.

have u seen the Sesto Elemento?

Apple Counterfeit USB Charger Replacement Program
Here was my APPLE one. Replaced at NO cost.

Very nice of #OUYA to give back to the #kickstarter backers $13.37 in credit towards purchases.

Interesting #cloud formation. #iphoneography

Really? #SharkNado

A bunch of Peacocks walked right up to me. Love this place.

Oh dear… #saginaw #funny #unaware

Never though I’d see a 1988 #Toyota Camry be in better shape than a 2011 Camry

I love that I can take a photo and make it better on my iPhone within 30 seconds. I could do this all day.

Awesome. I’ve got a male (brown) and female (green) Praying Mantis living in the plant I gave to my wife.

their spray is getting more sophisticated. Blending in with sirrus.

Driving to work. Looks like its spray day in SoCal. #Chemtrails #GeoEngineering

Well, this is interesting. Type in coordinates
37°37’40.07”N 116°50’54.57”W

Crunch Dragon Roll FTW. #sushi

I’m seeing if #Apple will replace my iPhone 5 lightning cable before it might kill me.

Cleo likes the outdoors. #cats #fatcat

Pretty cool app called Alien Sky. #s2000 #s2k