Take it off the truck, put it on the stage. Take it off the stage and put it back on the truck again.

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Full of Samosas, Pakora & Kebab.

Launching UFOs over Whitmore Reans. Landlord of the Newhampton (My Local) celebrating 20 years of running the pub.

My View :p

In roof earlier trying to get the deaf loop to work. It was 40C Look:

Just put the safeties on. In the roof it's 31C Look:

...then even more lights get lowered in! #Blur

That's a lot of lights to put on the floor upstage of the drummer. #Blur

Tesco & Sainsburys own brand. We're classy we are.

Waiting for Manic St Preachers to finish sound check. Lead singer is pretty short. Should be interesting set. Look:

Don't know if disgruntled commuter/townmouse twitters, but this picture is for her &

M'Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen. May I present: The most inadequate bander in the world & I'm the only one who could work out how to use it.

£3.67 of treat at the end of a day in a warehouse sorting gear for the festival season.

Started at 08:00. 11:30 & we're all done. FOH position, Disabled platform, 2 x Camera platform & the Stage packed away. Cider time.

Things we like: Shows that come down at 21:30. All done by 00:15 Now drinking beer.

This is what the pop stars see from the stage.

This is what you, the 'Billy' sees. (Cockney rhyming slang. Billy Bunter = punter)

Electronic Mission to the masses? Or yet another channel of shite TV?

Showday. 1st thing in the morning. The calm before the storm.

Look we've got the shades on as well. First time this year, let's hope it's not the last.

16:30 & it looks like this. Not much more to do.