When I was in 5th grade I wrote a paragraph about a Sugar Daddy & my teacher said I was a good writer. I still write but had to give up candy.

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Hey GUYS, LOOK what i found on the home page!!! (bottom right) cc:

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one more for good measure. [2/2]

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and now i'm going to nap in a room that looks like this [1/2]

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and when i looked left from bed yesterday, it looked like this [2/2]

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yesterday, i woke up in a room that looked like this [1/2]

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after mentioning it, i HAD to find a photo of tackiest lingerie gift ever. note the pom on the backside. could be dangerous. CAUTION!

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"pueblo." that was my word for the place i would disappear to when the world got overwhelming.(2000).

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tomorrow is my dad's surgery. they're gonna inject him with radioactive material. be nice to me or he'll get you!

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sportsfans, i present to you: my little brother's halloween costume.

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my friend nick found camera in HI 07/09 wants to find owners. help? know these folks? email gbpniko at yahoo dot com [how fun!!!]

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Step fourhundredseventythree. have since been layered with cheesecake. presently baking. Luv

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from Lost Film Developed Today files: photographic evidence [2003?] that both & i get better w/ age

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2001. not 1998. i had better things to do than figure out the time/date stamp on the camera.

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So, about that whole "anonymity" thing...

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I will *never* understand this look.

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Latex Mattresses. In case you're *really* into that sort of thing.

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Pull into parking lot, wave madly at stranger. He stops. I stop. Roll window down. Him: yeah? Me: can you open this?

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Oy! Nice Hotrod, daddy. Cajon Classic Cruise. Perfect summer night.

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Shakers, glassware etc. Want it? Before I list it on ebay for a bidding war between rabid Tisha Campbell fans!

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