Texas chic on the East Coast 281 to 212

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Got halfway home and was like

The look of disappointment lmao

Packing up summer clothes

The things you re-discover while packing/unpacking lol


Unemployed: Day 3

Me after 3 drinks of pretty much anything

I'm really gonna miss the fFed. It's just starting to hit me

Went to pull the car around for the inspector and the back window was bust out. I was like

Statistically, blacks kill blacks. Whites kill whites. Others kill others. #themoreyouknow

My stomach is getting nervous just looking at these men work on this thing 30 floors up

My view right now. I'm glad I got up and put some clothes on

When you can't tell if someone is throwing secret shade or actually happy for you

Started moving into my new spot this last weekend. It's still surreal to me. ☺️

I went from that to this lol