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Once more through the breach. #tattootime

12yr old brought me nothing but bacon stuff back from Ohio.

The finished product. #tattootime

Almost done. Got mah arm twisted. #tattootime

Progress! And I'm hungry. #tattootime

Gettin' er done. #tattootime

Stencil is finally on. Pain in the ass. #tattootime

A tiger print tissue courtesy of

My Fiesta looks better than the actual Fiesta. #fordtrends

I drew a Fiesta. I gave it only one missile. To fight the Crocoshark. #fordtrends

Hey thanks for bringing me to #fordtrends but I'm driving this bad boy home. See ya.

A blurry hustlin the table. #fordtrends

This is going on right now. A fucking SHINDIG. #fordtrends

I call first game. Who wants to play? #fordtrends

Bill Ford talking about the Mech Warrior project, to fight the Crocoshark. #fordtrends

The real horse was donated to the background. #fordtrends

Hey it's , that guy that did that voice on Code Monkeys. #fordtrends

Gravitating towards poles. Columns. Whatever. It's

Everyone taking pics of wearing Google glass. Meh. Should get him some

Random cheap ass shelves = proper stacking for Atari & record player.