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Boyd: Pre- Ava + Boyd, in "The I of the Storm". #ThrowbackThursday #JustifiedRewatch Edition #TBT

  • 839 days ago via site
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Boyd tries or wants to be Raylan, in "Bulletville". #ThrowbackThursday #JustifiedRewatch Edition #TBT

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. #Justified #JustifiedFX Ready for the comeback of This Guy Right Here? #JustifiedRewatch ( 1 week!

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  • 865 days ago via site
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. #Justified #JustifiedFX #TimothyOlyphant I thought the ever poetically-inclined might appreciate some Justified-related poetry too.

Season 6 now, but yeah...all that pretty much applies still...

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Tim tries not to laugh at Art's slip, in "Veterans" #ThrowbackThursday #JustifiedRewatch Edition #TBT

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. #JustifiedFX Did you forget how to watch #Justified ? If so, we hope you find this refresher helpful in time for this Saturday. :-) #JustifiedRewatch (

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  • 895 days ago via site
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. #JustifiedFX Remember, no #Justified rewatches this weekend!

In one week from today, we continue with season two... #JustifiedRewatch (

  • 899 days ago via site
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The Judge touts Raylan's lookback, in "The Hammer". #ThrowbackThursday #JustifiedRewatch Edition #TBT

  • 902 days ago via site
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. #Justified #JustifiedFX Reminder: There will be no #JustifiedRewatch ( this weekend. Our next rewatch is in close to two weeks with the first season finale episode "Bulletville" on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

Thank you for your continued favorites, retweets, tweets, replies/mentions, and other general interaction about our Justified television series Rewatch.

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Tim Gutterson: Chicken Requisitioner, in "Blowback" #ThrowbackThursday #JustifiedRewatch Edition #TBT

  • 909 days ago via site
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Boyd's advice, a saint, & birds in "The Collection" #ThrowbackThursday #JustifiedRewatch Edition #TBT

  • 916 days ago via site
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"Long in the Tooth": 1st time Raylan follows Rachel #ThrowbackThursday #JustifiedRewatch Edition #TBT

  • 924 days ago via site
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Givens-Boyd Crowder Early Sass in "Riverbrook". #ThrowbackThursday #JustifiedRewatch Edition #TBT

  • 930 days ago via site
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That moment at DOJ investigation hearing: Raylan's silence beautifully communicates uncertainty. #JustifiedRewatch

  • 942 days ago via site
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. #Justified #JustifiedFX 4 days and counting until the #JustifiedRewatch ( starts, and we are treated to the Boyd-Raylan reunion.

  • 946 days ago via site
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TY for annual event! Today is my 1st year #FCBD2014 #FCBD #FreeComicBookDay ...

I'm currently enjoying these two titles, courtesy of my local comic book shop:



  • 949 days ago via site
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. #JustifiedFX How will you be rewatching #Justified along with us? Our media of choice: officially licensed DVDs.

In one week from today, we begin with season one... #JustifiedRewatch (

  • 949 days ago via site
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. #Justified #JustifiedFX 11 days and counting until the #JustifiedRewatch ( starts. Lexington, here we come!

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Enjoying the last of my Valentine's Day candy, on the last day of this love & friendship month...

  • 1378 days ago via site
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The backside of that previous floral float as it traveled, about to turn into Sierra Madre Boulevard. #RoseParade

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