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. you made the #ROW brochure! Can't wait to ride with you, buddy! And by with I mean on! What? No!

. in second at the end of lap one . is top ten!

Dexter narrated our weekend as and I drove around in this black beauty. cc:


Something tells me the racing at the Planet Bike is going to be a little different today. Our cameras are worried. A little.

How's this look for a roster?

It's crazy time in with a lot of and parts...

A little vanity insanity for .

This thing can go waaaaaayyyyy faster than my truck! This is insane! I feel like I can go anywhere!

I need the one third from the bottom.

??? Insane!

Deep in tomato land.

I'm picking some purple-ass beans from my cropshare right now.

American dream!!!

Doesn't seem to fit any better. Who is this Helium for???

Um, , the colors fit me, but the helmet's a little small. This is for me, right?

Did you guys know makes wintercap pads for your helmet, with visor & ear muffs included?

The B-Team just got a little closer to being ready for the season, courtesy of . Aero Shells!!!

True or false: I am at Logan International because forgot this:

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